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See Mindy and Ben’s extended families interact. As a new family — we still don’t even know Ben’s last name! — it would be great to see the Lahiri clan mingling with Ben’s fam to get better acquainted and also witness the inevitable tension that will ensue. (She didn’t tell her parents she was getting married. Ruh-roh.) We have a feeling Rishi and Lindsay will hit it off immediately. It’s weird to think back to The Mindy Project’s premiere, when Jeremy was a major ladies’ man — the epitome of an Oxbridge charmer, really — who was frequently hooking up with Mindy. But as each season progressed, his luck has regressed, and by the time season five arrived, he’d turned into a bit of a hapless sap with a penchant for Miss Marple book clubs and Museum of Geometry exhibits. Perhaps most noticeably, he’s been frequently unlucky in love, and it would be nice to see him close out the series with a woman who reciprocates his affections. Maybe it’s Anna! Spend more time focusing on Mindy’s fertility practice. As witnessed in the recent near-perfect “Mindy Lahiri Is a White Man” episode, Mindy doesn’t get as much respect at Shulman & Associates as she often deserves.

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