Two decades later he commissioned two identical houses built in the Victorian Stick-style for his two sons, Edward and Charles. Today, only the house for Charles C. Kreischer remains standing at 4500 Arthur Kill Road. This highly-decorated house has been described as "abounding in a variety of jig-saw ornament," evoking "memories of Mississippi river boats" and being reminiscent of a "nineteenth century Swiss chalet." Charming descriptors aside, the house has quite the gruesome history. The senior Kreischer died only a year after the house was completed, and his son Edward committed suicide with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head in 1895 amid financial woes regarding the business. The Charles and Edward Kreischer mansions of Arthur Kill Road. Staten Island Museum In 2005, the house gained notoriety when its caretaker was hired by the Bonanno crime family to murder an associate who had fallen out of favor . The victim was stabbed, strangled, drowned, dismembered and deposited into the houses coal-burning fireplace. Not surprisingly, many contend that the house is haunted.

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